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A brief introduction

Seniors Fight Back (SFB) was founded in May 2021 in Southern California by a passionate group of individuals that wanted to help the AAPI community in the midst of rising anti-Asian hate crimes—particularly against the elderly. Since then, we have provided the training and resources to 1700+ seniors and others of various age group.

Making a difference—
one class at a time

Each senior is someone’s grandparent, parent, brother, sister, friend, or loved one. We strive to protect and defend our elders by sharing tools, knowledge, and resources. 

This program was formed to provide FREE self-defense classes for AAPI seniors and anyone 18+ are able to attend.


How do we achieve this?


We are a team of coaches, designers, artists, parents, activists, and more — all volunteering  ourtime and skills for a cause we believe in. We are looking for short- and long-term volunteers to join our effort to protect our elders. If you would like to get involved, please fill out our volunteer form and we will be in touch.

Community Support

The support of everyone who believes in our mission is the driving force of our volunteer efforts. To date, we have partnered with Systems Training Center, Banh Khot Lady, Asians with Attitude and much more to put together self-defense classes. If you are a business or organization looking for an opportunity to partner with us, please email by click below.

Core team

Core Team

Hong Lee
Duy Nguyen
Vice President
Robin Kim

Director of External Relations

Andrew Tran

​Director of Strategic Operations

Ron Scolesdang

Program Director

Julia Hoang

Creative Director

Andy Luong

Social Media Manager

Tony Dang

Strategic Operations Manager

Peter Nguyen

​Creative Director

Seniors Fight Back team on local news
Seniors Fight Back team on local news


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