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Stop Hate Against AAPI Seniors


Empowering AAPI seniors

Stop AAPI Hate reported 6,800+ reported acts of hate against the AAPI community since March 2020. Seniors Fight Back is empowering the AAPI community with tools and resources to defend themselves against acts of violence and racism.

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We neither promote violence nor wish for hate crimes  to happen. However, we can’t ignore the fact that they do. In response, we are empowering AAPI seniors with practical tools to protect themselves in the event that they encounter one of these cruel and heinous acts. Our workshops aren’t meant to breed world class fighters. Rather, we focus on awareness, attention, and basic yet effective self defense. 

The best part? It’s free.

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Watch our Asian Garden Mall event

Seniors Fight Back hosted a free self-defense workshop in the heart of Little Saigon, Westminster, California in May 2021.

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