Our mission is simple

Stop Attacks Against AAPI Seniors


Empowering the Community

Stop AAPI Hate reported nearly 11,500 acts of hate from March 2020 to March 2022 against the AAPI community. Our organization is empowering the community with tools and resources to protect and defend themselves against any act of violence.


How we help

FREE Self Defense Workshops

Attacks usually last between 30 seconds to 1 minute. You are your own first responder. The goal is NOT to turn anyone into a professional fighter or to get into a fight. We focus on noninvasive techniques including situational awareness, body language and voice. IF and ONLY if the person still wants to ATTACK you no matter what then and ONLY then do you use the invasive techniques which include the clinch, elbow and knee. However, the emphasis is on the invasive portion.

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How to get Involved

Our First Official Class

In May 2021, we hosted our first public class in the historic Phuoc Loc To (Asian Garden Mall) in Little Saigon in Westminster, CA. We were able to help over 200 seniors. Since then, we have hosted 27 classes throughout Los Angeles and Orange County.


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